After successful piloting, The Student Voice, a proactive web-based safeguarding solution, are pleased to enter the commercial market. Valuable advisory and guidance from leading experts, including Jason Tait, TASIS, allows The Student Voice to continue improving and expanding its expertise and offering across schools and universities.

The Student Voice have been supported by Dr Jenny Lloyd and colleagues, at The University of Bedfordshire whose cutting-edge research, delivers the latest advancements in contextual safeguarding in schools.

The first step to protecting students is listening to their experiences of where they feel safe and unsafe at school. The Student Voice tool supports schools to put Contextual Safeguarding into action.

          Dr Jenny Lloyd , Senior Research Fellow, The University of Bedfordshire

We are very excited to have launched commercially, and look forward to developing The Student Voice’s influence on contextual safeguarding.

         Stephen Willoughby, Managing Director, The Student Voice

About The Student Voice

Built by DSLs, The Student Voice is a contextual safeguarding information sharing tool that places young people at the centre of school communities, whilst enabling schools to intercept safeguarding issues and prevent future harm. It helps schools with:

✅ Reducing barriers to reporting
✅ Implementing a contextual safeguarding approach
✅ Understanding the student experience in an interactive way
✅ Building a culture of information sharing
✅ Earlier intervention

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