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Enhance your student voice with child-friendly, age-appropriate interactive reporting

Enhance your student voice with child-friendly, age-appropriate interactive reporting

The Student Voice is a child-friendly and led experience that is removing barriers for young people to report serious issues to their schools and support schools early-intervention work. It is assisting school safeguarding teams in understanding the context of where extra-familial harm happens to their students, and enacting on KCSIE guidance to seek the voice of the child and respond to it in all aspects of their work.

Our interactive student reporting tool utilises interactive maps of all the contexts that your young people spend time in, so your school or college can improve these spaces with more targeted and effective interventions, and ultimately prevent future harm.

How The Student Voice works

More schools are taking on TSV because it…

  • Engages young people with its child-friendly, visual and interactive features.

  • Covers all contexts young people spend time in (Home, School & Local Community).

  • Provides the context, not just the incident, so you can support the individual and prevent future harm from occurring.

  • Has engaged young people with issues that were previously reflected through their behaviour, which staff have been able to provide further support for.
  • Covers the full range of issues from sexual harassment to mental health, bullying, home life, and online safety.
  • Builds authentic pupil voice through an emphasis on feedback.
Contextual safeguarding for primary schools with RAG rating
Contextual safeguarding for primary schools with hot spotting

How does it benefit young people?

  • A comfortable way to report without having to approach a teacher face-to-face
  • Improve the safety of school and community

  • Covers a wide range of issues, including child-on-child abuse and community-wide issues, not just bullying
  • Signposts helpful resources, support lines and emergency numbers

From our schools

“We are extremely excited to receive The Student Voice’s new student voice tool, having seen the positive impact it has already has within our secondary academies. This tool will empower our children to play an active role in ensuring their safety and well-being within our academy and the wider community.”

Richard Penn-Burton, Headteacher at Three Peaks Primary Academy

“I’m thrilled to share the fantastic success story of our student reporting platform here at Orchard Primary School. Our students have felt a real ownership of the system, and feel valued, listened to and grown up using it. The Student Voice is very child-friendly and intuitive and has given us great insight into what is happening in our young learner’s lives. Everyone has picked it up very quickly and our students are much more confident using it than questionnaires. We’re so proud of our students who have had the courage to open up about what is worrying them regarding all sorts of issues, as well as grateful for all the positive feedback we’ve had about staff and the school. It’s also been a really effective education piece, as we’ve been able to feedback to the kids on how to use it responsibly and encourage them to play an active role in keeping our community safe.”

Danielle Fisher, DSL at Orchard Primary, part of South Pennine Academies

“I am very excited to begin using Student Voice as I have heard how effective it has been elsewhere in the Trust. This tool will help to empower our pupils and support their safety and wellbeing within our academy and the wider community.”

Ed Pearson-Shaul, Acting Headteacher at Woodlands Primary Academy

“This is a fantastic resource – child-friendly and simple to use. It covers in-school, surrounding areas and home…It creates a proactive approach to reporting and understands the barriers children face in trusting the reporting system.”

Ann Marie Christian, Safeguarding and Child Protection Expert

“The first step to protecting students is listening to their experiences of where they feel safe and unsafe at school. The Student Voice tool supports schools to put Contextual Safeguarding into action.”

Dr Jenny Lloyd, Senior Research Fellow, Contextual Safeguarding Network at Durham University

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The Student Voice: Primary pilot data

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