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The Purpose of The Student Voice

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The Student Voice team altruistically believe in approaches to contextual safeguarding, that seek to authentically empower young people to be courageous and responsible.

Communities will not only have the opportunity to enhance real-time safeguarding provision, but they will also create phenomenal, positive learning opportunities and experiences for young people to take into adulthood.

We recognise the immense potential of investing in young people through providing them with brave spaces. We operate with an awareness of the varied life experiences students have and strive to respect and understand their social rules. This creates a safer community and a safer future for our young people.

We are pleased and proud to share our values, vision and mission. We are actively seeking to work and learn with like-minded people, institutions, and organisations to develop and employ our contextual safeguarding tools.

Our Values


We seek to provide young people with the opportunity to stand up for their community.


We seek to validate the views of young people.


We seek to continually learn and grow from the experiences of young people.


We seek to develop young people who will contribute to making their communities safer.

Our Vision

Safe communities safeguard futures.

Our Mission

Creating brave spaces that empower young voices and inspire society to develop safer communities.


Safeguarding your school community in action

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