School Culture, Information Sharing and Contextual Safeguarding Webinar


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About this workshop

Our co-founder, active Designated Safeguarding Lead and Director of Pastoral Care, Jason Tait, delivers a workshop on contextual safeguarding. He speaks about:

  • School culture
  • The power of information sharing
  • The models and data that continue to influence The Student Voice

A child-centred approach is needed now more than ever. Whilst most safeguarding systems focus on listening to adults, children may not always want to share that information with them face to face. Through listening to students and putting them at the centre, schools will gain a more holistic view of their community and its safety.

This safeguarding webinar gives a breakdown of how a contextual safeguarding approach can help schools and DSLs gain a stronger understanding of their community, the context and social rules that influence this environment, and how to implement responses that prevent future harm.

Webinar Student Voice and Contextual Safeguarding


Safeguarding Schools and Colleges

“Safeguarding students, and capturing their voice is something we are passionate about. The Student Voice is a genuine effort to place the student at the centre of the Bilton school community, to provide them with opportunities for true advocacy through authentic voice and to challenge them to play their part in the development of their school life.”

Louis Donald, Director of Safeguarding, Stowe Valley Multi Academy Trust

“The Student Voice has had an extremely positive effect on TASIS, The American International School in England, and my life as a DSL. We can prioritise feedback and intercept incidents effectively, assisting in our commitment to the safeguarding and wellbeing of all children that attend our school.”

Jason Tait, Director of Pastoral Care and Designated Safeguarding Lead, TASIS

“We have continually strived to cultivate a culture that stays current with the way our young people communicate. We want to ensure that every voice within our school is heard, and every student is given the best opportunity to thrive.”

Kait Weston, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Millfield School

"The first step to protecting students is listening to their experiences of where they feel safe and unsafe at school. The Student Voice tool supports schools to put Contextual Safeguarding into action."

Dr Jenny Lloyd, Senior Research Fellow, The University of Bedfordshire