Millfield School uses contextual safeguarding to truly place young people at the centre of their school safeguarding culture

One of the leading UK independent schools, Millfield School, which inspires generations of students to discover their brilliance in every aspect from academic study to culture and sport, is pioneering in contextual safeguarding with a community safeguarding tool.

Millfield School’s remarkable 240-acre campus holds 19 boarding houses and outstanding facilities that deliver 80+ co-curricular activities including a golf centre, equestrian centre, a shooting range, and many more to over 1300 students from 70+ Nationalities.

The Student Voice is a unique, child-centered tool based on the principles of contextual safeguarding that enables young people to provide feedback through any device using visual, interactive maps. Students can identify areas within the school or surrounding community where they feel safe or at risk. This method of communication seeks to remove barriers to reporting for young people and to encourage student’s participation in keeping their community safe. Safeguarding teams and school leaders will benefit from the granular contextual information young people provide thus enabling them to embed a proactive, whole-school approach to safeguarding.

Millfield prides itself on students being disruptors for positive change; encouraging children to question, challenge, and be bold. At the forefront of child development and safeguarding, they are embracing new tools and platforms such as The Student Voice, to give young people brave spaces that empower young voices and inspire society to develop safer communities.

We have continually strived to cultivate a culture that stays current with the way our young people communicate. We want to ensure that every voice within our school is heard, and every student is given the best opportunity to thrive.”

          Kait Weston, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Millfield School

We’re always pleased to see schools embracing technology for communication. We are aware of the varied and complex life experiences young people have and strive to respect and understand their social rules. We applaud Millfield’s desire to place young people at the centre of their safeguarding culture through their clear commitment to listen to the voices of their young people.”

          Stephen Willoughby, CEO, The Student Voice

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