Tackling Peer On Peer Abuse Head on – National Multi-Academy Creative Education Trust Rolls out Interactive Student Reporting Tool to their 11 Secondary Schools

The Student Voice is partnering with national multi-academy, Creative Education Trust, to enhance real-time safeguarding provision and achieve a whole-school approach to community safeguarding across their 11 UK schools.

The Student Voice contextual safeguarding tool, built with solid safeguarding practice and knowledge, currently provides brave spaces for over 10,000 students across independent day and boarding schools, international schools, and multi-academy trusts, to safely share their concerns in any context: at school, in the local community, and at home. It is helping schools tackle the full range of issues from individual mental health concerns to peer on peer abuse and county lines.

Through a series of visual, interactive maps, students can report on community, cultural, or specific safeguarding issues in their own time, on any device. Students are encouraged to share their experiences and report on areas within the school and the wider community using carefully thought out methods of anonymous and confidential reporting, to reduce barriers and produce better outcomes for both students and the school.

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Creative Education Trust Rolls out student safeguarding tool

How Creative Education Trust are enhancing real-time safeguarding provision with a community approach

Following successful rollouts in other secondary schools and sixth forms, the platform is set to be introduced across all secondary academies within Creative Education Trust, with schools placed across North West and Central England.

This step follows a successful internal safeguarding conference on HSB (Harmful Sexual Behaviour) where The Student Voice team listened to brilliant presentations from DSLs. Co-founder Eve O’Connell said “Hearing the HSB work that schools are doing is very inspiring and made us think about how we can work with our schools better in the area of HSB. Clearly from the brilliant and moving presentations, Creative Education Trust’s schools are passionate and forward-thinking.”

With many shared objectives, both The Student Voice and Creative Education Trust are looking forward to a proactive partnership, focusing on enabling early help, preventing future harm, and utilising the community maps to increase information sharing between schools in the same regions.

Empowering students to work with us to ensure their safety and wellbeing is something we are passionate about. The Student Voice is set to remove a lot of barriers to reporting, give students the opportunity to use their own voice to express issues and concerns most important or imminent to them, and enable us to use this information for early intervention and ensuring not just their safety, but their overall wellbeing too.”

          Louis Donald, Director of Safeguarding at Creative Education Trust.

There are aspects of this platform that we can see making an immediate impact, such as the hotspot data tool where real physical locations of potential risks can be identified not just in school but across the wider community. We are excited to tackle student safeguarding as a community concern, not just a school concern.”

          Jason Howard, Quality Assurance Director at Creative Education Trust.

The more schools that we see using a technology-based, whole-school approach to student safeguarding, the more ways we see this platform positively influencing students’ wellbeing. We’re very excited to be working with an academy trust spread over multiple regions where we can see the effects across the UK.”

          Stephen Willoughby, CEO at The Student Voice.

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