The Student Voice join Headteacher Chat to support school senior leaders and DSLs in safeguarding young people.

We are purpose-driven to improve the life trajectories of children and young people through early intervention and prevention. As part of The Student Voice’s mission, we are partnering with the Support Network for School Leaders, HeadteacherChat, to inspire educators to utilise pupil voice technology to champion pupil voice in schools.

Headteacher Chat is a professional network for school leaders, dedicated to providing support, information, coaching, CPD and resources. Formed in 2014, they use email, social media, podcasts and forums to share news and resources for busy teachers looking to optimise efficiency without losing focus on what matters – student’s standard of education and level of safety. The platform is dedicated to empowering headteachers and school leaders.

This new partnership will enable The Student Voice to demonstrate the success of a digital approach to safeguarding, making constructive use of children’s use of technology to break down barriers to reporting and improve communication.

See their full review of The Student Voice on their website. Click here.

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The Student Voice join Headteacher Chat - Safeguarding platform

In turn, Headteacher Chat can give The Student Voice further insight into the challenges facing headteachers and deputy heads in engaging with pupil voice.

Stephen Willoughby, CEO of The Student Voice states “We believe that the more insight we can get into what the key issues are within schools, the better we can ensure our platform meets the needs of safeguarding teams and students alike. This partnership also gives us a whole new audience where we can promote the positive use of reporting technology in schools for safeguarding as well as education. We’re very excited to be working with a thought leadership group with such a great reach.”

The team at Headteacher Chat state “The Student Voice is an innovative platform that provides a safe and confidential space for students to share their thoughts and feelings. It also allows schools to collect and analyse data that can be used to improve teaching and learning, safeguarding, mental health, and overall school experience.”

Find us on Headteacher Chat here.