Independent School Leading in Contextual Safeguarding: Haberdashers’ Monmouth

Acting Head at Monmouth School for Girls

About this testimonial

Rachel Rees, Acting Head at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School

Acting Head, Rachel Rees explains the importance of placing the voice of students at the heart of Haberdashers’ Monmouth school culture.

Rachel explains they were 1 of 27 schools that were part of the ‘we don’t tell our teacher’ education report. One of the things that was flagged was the use of The Student Voice. The feedback included invaluable insight into how students receive PSHE curriculum and let’s them know what is going on in school and the wider community. Contextual Safeguarding incidents are also reported to the PLO (Police Liaison Officer), as they are one of 3 secondary schools in the town, and share information with the other schools.