Ensuring students feel heard, safe and listened to: Independent day school in Cheltenham


About this testimonial

Matthew Burke, Head Teacher at St Edwards Cheltenham, Independent Day School

Matthew shares how The Student Voice has given their students the opportunity to feel genuinely listened to and encourage them to speak out if they wouldnt otherwise feel safe doing so. The anonymous function allows those who would not feel confident to report their experiences.

When meeting councillors and police, they have been able to give valuable insight on their students experiences in areas around school and on the routes students take to travel to school. Parents have been thankful to the school for providing their children a way to share their concerns.

Matthew shares how the ‘You said we did’ function provides an opportunity to share their responses with students as they raise concerns, and enhances their KCSIE requirements as a school. He shares how it also helps them monitor patterns and provides concrete evidence to respond to issues informed and effectively.