A Case Study on Harmful Sexual Behaviour:
A Comparison of Safeguarding and
Contextual Safeguarding Responses

How can contextual safeguarding complement and support more traditional approaches to safeguarding? and how The Student Voice tool can facilitate both processes?

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safeguarding case study safeguarding in schools part 2
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Written by Jason Tait, Director of Pastoral Care and Designated Safeguarding Lead at TASIS The American School in England and Co-Founder of The Student Voice

About The Student Voice

Built by DSLs, The Student Voice is a contextual safeguarding information sharing tool that places young people at the centre of school communities, whilst enabling schools to intercept safeguarding issues and prevent future harm. It helps schools with:

✅ Reducing barriers to reporting
✅ Implementing a contextual safeguarding approach
✅ Understanding the student experience in an interactive way
✅ Building a culture of information sharing
✅ Earlier intervention

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